What is “karma – free”?

2014-Love_and_Beyond-1The word “karma” is generally associated with eastern philosophy but became a commonly used term in day-to- day urban vocabulary. It refers to the law of action and reaction which means that good actions bring good result (“good karma”) and bad ones bad result (“bad karma”). The action that is a top most “earner” of bad karma is one that inflicts suffering or death to any living entity. That is why vegetarian diet is strongly recommended for it is considered to be a “kind” diet with very low amount of suffering inflicted. In order to eliminate ALL reactions we put our food trough the process of mantra meditation. It is a known fact that sound can alter molecular structure of water, the basic component of almost every foodstuff (veggies, fruits…).

Sacred mantras affect those ingredients in a very positive way and make recipients of such food peaceful, happy and spiritually elevated.

By serving out such karma-free food we are making this world a better place one meal at a time.